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City of Woodland Banner Application

The banner(s) being applied for will be placed along public streets and/or across the roadway.

Please be aware that banners cannot contain any form of commercial advertising, political, religious content and/or solicitation. Any deviation once the permit is approved must be resubmitted for review and approval by the City of Woodland. Banners found to be in violation of the approved permit will not be placed, the permit voided and the service charge not refunded.

Banners will be inspected for safety before installation. If deemed unsafe, it will not be approved for installation.
All banners will be placed and removed by City staff or their designees*. New Banners must be delivered to the City or their designees a minimum of 5 working days prior to the date of placement. Banners may be picked up within 5 days of removal or stored by City designees. Additional fees for this service apply and will be billed by City Designee.

*Current City Designee: Advanced Electric Signs - 360 225-6826

A $25 non-refundable application fee will be charged to apply for this service. Please contact 360-225-7999 with questions or concerns.

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