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A pre-application conference is required for most developments with the exception of minor proposals such as fences, small outbuildings, and one single-family residence or duplex. The City will not accept an application for development until the required pre-application conference has been held.

Pre-application conferences are scheduled on the first and third Thursdays at 10:00 AM or 11:00 AM. Materials for a pre-application conference should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the requested conference day. Conference dates will be scheduled after the application fees have been paid. We recommend you submit any revised documents to the Community Development Department at least one week prior to your scheduled conference date to have them considered during the conference.

The following materials are required before your conference can be scheduled:
  • Completed and signed Pre-Application Conference Request form
    • Electronic submissions are preferred; paper applications are also accepted
  • Pre-Application fees (see form or fee schedule for amount)
    • Payment may be made online or by check payable to “City of Woodland”
    • Please do not submit payment until we contact you with the Pre-Application reference number

We highly recommend you submit the following information if it is available. Please submit all documents in electronic format. Documents up to 250 MB may be attached to this form.

  • A preliminary site plan (size 11” x 17” preferred)
  • A fuller description of the proposed project (fleshing out the brief description on the application form with more detail)
  • A list of specific questions, concerns or issues you would like to have addressed at the Pre-Application Conference

The more complete your proposal, the better we can address any potential issues during the pre-application conference.

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